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Tuesday, 20 January, 2009


            I put this at the first, because it is this that will reflect how a commando is. It is his personal life that should be well taken care of, and well inspected before being absorbed in to forces. As for a good commando his personal life should reflect his sense of responsibility. He should be obeying the rules and laws set by the respective governments of his country. He should have lot of patience and enough courage to die in the field of operations. The best commando would be he who does not have any blood relatives. I say this because wherever a relation exists, there will be an automatic sense of responsibility to protect them and live for them. Such an attachment should be prevented if possible. I don’t mean that people with family will not be eligible to become a commando but I mean to say that it’s better advised that a commando does not have a family. So here comes a difference between an ideal and a real commando. An ideal commando should strictly not have any family, where as in the case of a real one it is optional. I mention about families because a commando is always entitled to dangers, may be to himself or his family. He should in no way be let down because of his family. Whatever as mentioned an ideal commando should strictly be an orphan. He should have no sentimental tie-ups with anyone. Sentimentality should be considered as a clear sign of weakness in an ideal commando. The operations of a commando are very demanding and hence there should be no weakness in them.


            Coming to other things about his personal life, he should be a true patriot of his country. This should be clearly indicative as this is a very important factor required. This is to ensure that he does not go rogue. A command should be in such a mindset that whatever be the decision taken by the government of his country, it would be on the best interests of its subjects. He should have complete faith in his government. Nonetheless the government should train them to believe its objectives. A commando should also believe that he is born to be one. This lets him to be powerful enough for his duties. As a commando, one should have all the above mentioned traits.



            This is the most important part of a commando’s life. Though I said that they are not made but are born, a good training makes them finer than what they were born for. These men should be made almost invulnerable. In their field of operation they should be invincible to all attacks. Also in their field, they should be as invisible as a ghost for the sake of survival. For an ideal commando, he should be able to tackle even a 1000 soldiers. Exactly what I mean is that, these men should be clearly the hand of death. Each commando should be an army himself. Let us see the essential training required for a commando.


A commando’s training should be divided in to 3 phases: THE BASICS, THE ADVANCED COURSE and THE MENTAL TRAINING.



            The following are the basic trainings that should be imparted in a commando. This training should last for 1.5 yrs. The right time for inducting a commando is between the age group 19-22. At this age they have full maturity and also will have maximum power and strength and will be the right age for moulding.

1.       The first and the foremost requirement of any special force is the stamina to fight for longer times. This can be only accomplished by heavy and longer running workouts. So to start off with, a commando should be able to run 15-20 Km. He should initially at the start of the training be made to run for a min of 5 km and then should be gradually increased to 15-20 km. They should have undergone various running exercises to make them fit and give them enough stamina. These commandos at the end of their training should be able to run with a 20 Kg backpacks.

2.      The commandos should be well taught about all the state of the art weapons. They should be trained in using all small arms to the medium ones and should also be imparted training in heavy arms. The commandos should be trained to change the magazines in few seconds, even while moving and rolling. They should be well versed with the names of all weapons and should know every weapon’s basics. They must be trained to identify the weapons by their firing sound. They must be well trained in shooting from all angles and should be experts of one shot one kill operations. They should be trained to shoot precisely while running, jumping and even from underwater.

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